An Injectable and Thermoreversible Chitosan-based Hydrogel

Principal Investigator: Frederick Matsen III

Polymer hydrogels that undergo a solution-to-gel transition in response to temperature changes are of great interest as injectable depot systems in the delivery of therapeutics as well as tissue engineering.

A thermoreversible polymer gel has been developed from chitosan by grafting it to another molecule without crosslinking agents. The polymer undergoes a thermally reversible phase transition from an injectable free-flowing solution at room temperature to a gel at body temperature. Water solubility, viscosity, and thermoreversibility of the polymers with different ratios of the components were studied, resulting in an optimal formulation.

This injectable and biodegradable polymer can be used in a broad range of medical applications, notably, in sustained in vivo drug release and tissue engineering. It has the advantages of being inexpensive and simple to formulate.

For more info, contact: Lisa Norton

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