Navium: Advanced Endoscopic and Skull Base Surgical Navigation and Assessment Techniques

Principal Investigator: Kristen Moe

Surgery, specifically endoscopic nasal and skull base procedures, is still commonly taught by the apprenticeship model – watch the expert surgeon perform the surgery, perform the surgery with guidance from an expert, then perform the surgery on your own. It is difficult to objectively evaluate a new surgeon’s capability before performing surgery on patients, which can lead to complications during the procedure. If expert surgeon techniques could be quantified and taught to novice surgeons, then surgeons can be trained and credentialed before performing surgeries on patients. Previous research has shown that some metrics of laparoscopic surgery (such as total time, tool path length, ambidextrous tool movement, etc.) to judge skill.

The investigators have developed a system that collects endoscopic surgical data to calculate surgical instrument kinematics and other metrics (time, number of instrument passes, surgical volume, etc.). Using this information, the inventors can develop a method to identify from the data a profile differentiating expert from novice surgeons. 


*This system provides a more quantitative method of training and evaluating endoscopic sinus and skull base surgeons. 

*This system has the potential to reduce patient complications and lower healthcare costs. 

The ability to differentiate expert and novice surgeons provides a systematic, non-biased method of credentialing surgeons.

Next generation navigation and surgical planning for better outcomes 

*The system collects quantitative information about how to expertly perform a surgery. 

*The system can be used to teach new surgeons proper surgical techniques before they operate on patients. 

*The collected data can be used to create accurate surgical simulations to help train new surgeons. 

*The system provides a way to capture metrics for validating surgical pathways.

Extensive patent portfolio and prototype system.

For more info, contact: Ryan Buckmaster

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