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Foldit Standalone

Foldit Standalone is only licensed to entities that have a Rosetta™ license
Technology No. 45210

The Foldit Standalone software provides a natural, intuitive interface to the Rosetta molecular modeling software. Foldit Standalone allows for user-centered protein manipulation for the purpose of solving structure prediction and design problems for proteins, and more generally other 3D structure related biochemistry problems. As an add-on to Rosetta, Foldit Standalone provides a complete novice and expert user interface for biochemistry structure exploration.

You can get a license to download Rosetta here: Rosetta.

For more information: http://fold.it/portal/

For Descriptive and Technical Information: Seth Cooper scooper@cs.washington.edu

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Foldit Standalone Academic License
Foldit Standalone is only licensed to entities that have a Rosetta™ academic license

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