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Technology No. 49324
Rosetta DL is a suite of deep-learning packages for biomolecular structure prediction and design, which includes RoseTTAFold, DeepAb and FvHallucinator.

Available Licenses

Non-Commercial License Agreement:
Available at GitHub at: https://github.com/RosettaCommons/Rosetta-DL/blob/main/LICENSE.md

Commercial License Agreement:
Download the license agreement from the "Supporting Documents" section below. Fill out the necessary fields, obtain the appropriate signatures, and send the completed document to UW CoMotion at license@uw.edu for final review and signature. 

 **Please note that the pricing is not based on the number of users, but the total number of FTEs at the company, globally. We do not review or accept changes to the language in the license agreement, including but not limited to annual license fees. The license agreement is to be signed as-is after company information is filled in.

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